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How a Property Manager Can Help You Double Your Monthly Rental Income


Investment in real estate is one the most reliable ways of generating wealth. When I decided to venture into real estate investment, my target was rental properties and I decided to acquire my first rental home in Sacramento. Although I was not living in Sacramento at the time, real estate was affordable there and I decided it was the best place to buy my first rental home. I involved a local realtor and within two months I had my first rental home in Sacramento. I decided to manage the property by myself because I wanted to maximize my monthly rental income and use it to pay back the mortgage. To me, hiring a property manager in Sacramento or property management Roseville Ca, where my property was located, was an unnecessary cost and I believed that I could look after my investment better than anyone else. I managed the property for three years and then I decided to hire a local property manager to take over. It is now five years down the line and I can tell you without any fear of contradiction that a property manager can help you double your monthly rental income.

A property manager helps you to reach possible tenants 

Reaching possible tenants was my first challenge when I acquired my first property in Sacramento. It was difficult for me to market the property to possible tenants. I could not beat the stiff competition from local property managers and my rental home stayed vacant for five months. I used all methods that I could think of to reach possible tenants, but it was all in vain. I got my first tenant six months after buying the property, something that I believe was sheer luck. However, my property has never remained vacant for more than two months from the time I assigned it to a local property manager.

A property manager will make sure tenants have paid rent on time 

I thought I could relax after getting my first tenant but problems started in the second month of tenancy when the tenant failed to pay rent within the agreed time. I had to visit the property myself every end of the month to collect rent, and sometimes play hide and seek with the tenant. However, I have never experienced any problems with rent defaulters from the time I hired a property manager to take care of my investment. My money is deposited in my account every end month as per the agreement.

A property manager can help you to screen tenants 

When I got my first tenant, six months after acquiring my property, I was so happy and bragged having made it in the highly competitive Sacramento real estate market. I did not know that the tenant had been evicted from the neighboring property for being unruly. Problems started after the second month of tenancy as he became disorderly and I was forced to terminate the tenancy. I got my second tenant a few months later and he too had problems with neighbors. However, I have never had complaints of unruly tenants since I hired a local property manager to look after my investment. I strongly believe that I lacked good skills and experience to screen tenants before accepting their rental applications.

A property manager can help you to solve tenancy related issues professionally 

My first tenant really disappointed me. It was to the extent of regretting my decision to venture into a rental property investment. It became very difficult for me to solve tenancy issues with my subsequent tenants because I was convinced that all tenants were equally troublesome. It reached a point when I could not hesitate to terminate tenancy whenever a tenant became problematic. However, I am now a happy landlord after hiring a local property manager to look after my investment. I do not have to solve tenancy issues anymore because my property manager knows how to deal with problematic tenants amicably without necessarily terminating the tenancy.

A property manager will help you with repairs and property maintenance needs 

One of the most challenging aspects of managing rental properties is doing repairs whenever a tenant leaves the property. Sometimes I could not have the property repaired on time and I ended up losing possible tenants. I remember there was a time I lost three possible tenants in a week because I was away and there was no one to repair a leaking sink. However, things have changed since I hired local Sacramento property managers to take care of my investment. The property is inspected on a regular basis and repairs are sometimes done without my knowledge.

Generally, I have seen my rental income double after hiring a local property manager to take care of my investment in Sacramento. I do not need to keep checking my property to make sure it is in good condition, solve tenancy related issues or even run after tenants every end of the month asking for rent. I’ve seen acquired a new property in Rocklin Ca, 2 Rivers Properties has been my property manager at this location and I have nothing but a good experience to talk about. I’d highly recommend using their services if you’re looking for a property manager in the Sacramento area.