About Me


My Name is Jill and my website covers the real estate industry. I have always had and interest in anything related to the real estate industry. The goal of this website is to teach both my readers and myself about the real estate industry and how to make money in it. This will allow me to share my experience and journey with you, my readers.

I believe that there are many ways to make money and this is only one of them. I do believe that there is an advantage in this industry that all of us “normal” people can take advantage of; I call it patience.

More and more people are coming to this earth every day and it isn’t getting any smaller. We all have most of our needs and simply add on with our wants. Housing will never go away and that’s why I work hard to learn about it. I believe there’s a lot of opportunities and if you are able to be patient and consistent, anyone can make money with it.