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Things to Know If You Are Moving To Atlanta


Are planning to join the rest of the people who call Atlanta home? Then know that the city is a great place to be, especially if you are millennial. Living in the city of Atlanta is fun and many people have moved from other parts of the country to live there. The city is the ninth largest metropolitan in the country where you will always get something to do, something new to learn and great meals to enjoy for those who love delicacies. The following are the key things that you need to know if you are moving to Atlanta.


9 Atlanta, Georgia Insights


  1. Accommodation is readily available and affordable

It is true that the real estate market in Atlanta has recovered greatly after the 2008 crisis. The city is actually among the areas where the market is very promising. However, rental rates in the region are still low compared to other bigger cities in the country. It is also easy to get a decent housing in the area than in other bigger cities in the country. You can search for a rental housing of your choice from those listed online or call some property management companies to get you one.

  1. Employment is not a problem

If you are planning to live and work in Atlanta, then know you have made the right choice. The city of Atlanta is an economic hub that hosts numerous companies. In fact, the city ranks fourth highest based on the concentration of the Fortune 500 companies in the country. Getting a job in Atlanta is very easy as long as you have some skills. This is probably the main reasons why the city is the home for the majorities of the Millennials.

  1. Real estate is a booming business

The Real estate market is reviving in the area and the city is a great place for anyone planning to venture into the real estate business. Whether you are planning to try your luck as a realtor, property manager or an investor, the city of Atlanta will not disappoint you. Demand for real estate properties has increased tremendously in the recent past. For instance, the number of people willing to buy homes in the area has increased and properties that could take years to sell and selling in one or two months. The city is actually an ideal place for anyone planning to invest in the real estate. Visit and contact them if you are looking into the Atlanta real estate market and have any questions.

  1. The entrepreneurship spirit is very high

Atlanta is a home for start-up businesses and a city for entrepreneurs. Who knows, maybe you want to move there so that you can start a business of your own. Then do not hesitate to do so because the city is a place of opportunities. The local authority provides a favorable environment for anyone who wants to start a business in the area.

  1. Be ready for a diverse society

Atlanta is a city of opportunities and many people have moved there from different parts of the world to look for greener pastures. Consequently, people from different cultural and racial backgrounds call Atlanta home. The city’s population increases year after year with the majority of the foreigners coming from the Asian countries. Atlanta also embraces gay community and hosts the second largest gay pride parade in the country.

  1. Traffic can be chaotic in the city

Traffic is terrible during rush hours and it can be very difficult to navigate around the city during these hours. However, you can avoid the congested parts and navigate the city with ease if you are able to understand the street lingo. The locals will tell you some of the places you should avoid during the rush hours.

  1. Furthering your education is not a problem

The city of Atlanta is a home for several prestigious higher education institutions. Some of the popular higher education learning institutions in the area include the Clark Atlanta University, Georgia State University and the Emory University among others. This is a place where you can live, work and even study without having to move out of the city.

  1. There are fantastic upcoming neighborhoods

The majority of the people, especially those with children, do not like living in the heart of the city. If you belong to that group, the city of Atlanta has amazing upcoming neighborhoods where you can escape the extremely busy city life. More houses have been constructed in the upcoming neighborhoods to accommodate the increasing population and decongest the central parts of the city.

  1. Catching a flight is very easy

For foreigners planning to relocate to Atlanta, catching a local and international flight is not a big deal. The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport in the city is known as the busiest airport globally in terms of passenger traffic. There is over 1000 flight made to and from the airport every day.